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The exciting nightlife of Belgrade is gaining momentum. Belgrade is said to be the new capital of cool, the place where the best nightlife in Europe is happening.

Bars, clubs, rafts and casinos work every day of the week. A contagious atmosphere or crazy parties and good fun rules. From alternative to reggae, brass bands and gypsy music to turbo folk, from techno to heavy metal, Belgrade is bouncing in one of its many rhythms every night.

The number of clubs is growing daily, the scene headed by a team of experienced DJs. An increasing number of music and DJ stars come to Belgrade, attracted by stories of the city that loves to dance. The defining detail of the Belgrade clubbing scene are the river banks. Ships and rafts are open throughout the year, although the largest crowd gathers, naturally, in the summer. Ada Ciganlija is a fascinating zone of nightlife in Belgrade. Visit one of the rafts on the Sava or Danube quay. Entrance to the clubs is mostly free, taxis are not expensive, and neither are alcoholic drinks. Best of all, Belgraders are a friendly bunch and will be happy to party with you.

Strahinjića Bana Street is a unique fun zone. A single city centre street houses around twenty cafes, restaurants and bars, always filled with loud and cheerful Belgraders. If you like to be in the epicentre of city life, Strahinjića Bana is the place for you.



Shopping is part of everyday life for many Belgraders, a frequent and favourite activity.
Shopping in Belgrade can turn into an exciting experience for visitors from abroad.
The combination of famous international brands and varied and imaginative local products and hand-crafted items, favourable prices and a large selection are the reason why visitors to Belgrade leave with an extra suitcase.
From souvenirs to clothes by our young creators, make your selection among the authentic gifts to remember the city by.



You can engage in various sports in Belgrade
Whether you are only getting into shape or are already a sports wiz, all you need to do is select the activity you enjoy most. There are 16 sports centres, 7 sports halls, 7 stadiums and 6 swimming pools in the city.

Belgrade has a hippodrome and a modern and expansive golf course on Ada Ciganlija. Several sports manifestations are held each year in Belgrade – Belgrade Marathon, Car races on Ušće, the Politika Race, Race through History, “Tour de Danube” bicycle race, Sport fest, ATP tournaments.

Of all those listed, the Belgrade Marathon is the best known and most popular. Belgrade is a frequent host to European and World cups and championships in basketball, water polo and volleyball.

During the Universiade of 2009 Belgrade hosted over 750 accredited journalists and over 8,000 contestants in 15 sports and 203 disciplines.



The cultural life of Belgrade is rich and diverse
Galleries, concerts, theatres and cinemas offer interesting and varied content every day, where everyone can find something of interest.